Friday, November 8, 2019

A New Beginning

“Don’t stop” she mourned, as I wrapped my tongue around her clitoris. She’d been shaking and I could feel her drip with cum motivating me to do more. I clutched her ass in my hand as I pulled her closer. I could already see her trying to repay the favor, pulling me closer towards her. I stopped and let her take the wheel, she pulled me close to her face and kissed me, I could feel the warmth radiating through her body. She got me to stand as I let me fingers venture through her body, touching her curves, as I made my way to her full, luscious breasts, I made my way to her face admiring her, she made me feel lucky to have her by my side. I looked into her eyes; she put her hand on my mouth and pushed me to the bed. I knew she was the one in charge and all I could do was watch in submission. I dropped on the bed like an angel fallen from heaven. She climbed on top of me and began kissing my neck. Her breaths made my manhood stand at attention. She made her way slowly down, making circular little kisses all over. 
She reached my waist kissing it from side to side. She played with my testicles as she made her way around my penis. She kissed around it and finally, she took it all it, blowing me as my mind went numb with pleasure. I wanted to feel her inside me, I wanted her so bad. She didn’t stop; slower, deeper, deeper, finally making me burst with excitement. I was fully erect and all I wanted was to get her in me. I pulled her close inserting my dick into her tight little pussy. She rode pushing me down as I tried to pull up. I finally won; I grabbed her ass as I kissed her breasts. I could hear her mourn, she finally gave in and I laid her down. Kissing her all over as I took my time with each part of her body.  It was more than a man could handle but then again, she made me extraordinary. I took my dick and pushed it in her, her expression was enough to make me ran wild. She began to scream as I mourned, I could hear her call my name as went deeper.

Faster, faster, faster, I was making love to this woman like I had never done before. My whole body gained strength I didn’t know I had in me. I pulled at her hair as she grabbed my back. She tied me to her and we were one. For a moment I lost all control of my body, I could feel myself getting weak as my juices left my body. I dropped on top of her as I let my dick do the rest. I could feel her pussy tightening harder as everything fell into place, finally my sweet ending becoming our new beginning.