Friday, November 8, 2019

A Dangerous Affair

Times have been changing; I could see it from the top floor of my office. I had finally gotten the position I fought so hard to earn and at thirty, I made my dream come true. With everything working for me, being rich, young, good looking and getting almost any woman I wanted; being me seemed so easy sometimes, I can’t help but brag about it every chance I got. That was until she walked into our office building. I could see her swinging her luscious hips lustfully. I couldn’t see her face clearly but I knew if she was coming my way, I would definitely make her mine. She would be the type of woman to make any man jealous and I could already see that she didn’t have to try so hard to be noticed. If I could notice her from afar, who wouldn’t want to have her up close?
I could hear a knock from my office door and there my secretary stood as I was just about to take a seat, she looked at me sheepishly smiling. I could tell whatever news she was coming in with would make me smile. 
“There is someone here to see you sir” she said awaiting my response as I read her body language. 
“What is it about?” my mind drifted to the woman I had just seen coming into the building, interrupting her before she had a chance to tell me what this “appointment” had to say, I told her to let whoever it was in.
The woman who stood before me looked beautiful enough to make the world stand still. She had beautiful long legs and her lips looked full with her red lipstick on them. For a moment, I almost stood up, held her in my arms and kissed her so thoroughly it would make the whole office shocked. I composed myself as I took her in, her perfume enchanting me to dance at her tune, her hips perfect and her breasts full and uncorrupted. She stood there as I stared at her. 
“I am here about the internship position.” She said interrupting my thoughts.
I composed myself quickly, “Sorry, have a sit miss?”
“Miss Karen. I am eager about the position sir and I hope I can impress you enough for you to let me be a part of your team sir…”
Words were coming out of her mouth but I could barely concentrate. I cleared my throat, adjusted my tie and smiled, “Just call me Dave. I am sure you have a lot to offer us here. Please hand me your papers as I...”

She smiled at me as I evaluated her papers, pretending to be engrossed. I could see her smile from the corner of my eye and I could already imagine the things I would willingly do to her if she let me. She was my type of woman, a beautiful smile, long beautiful legs, soft hands and young, young enough to make her the mother of my unborn babies.